Assos Ancient Harbour

Assos Ancient Harbour which has been used since ancient times, offers a natural beauty to its visitors due to its historical structure and scenery. Since Assos is an ancient port site, it is forbidden to construct a new building and thus the naturalness and authenticity of the port are preserved. The harmony of the ancient port of Assos has never been disturbed from the past to the present. Thus, you can witness that the city preserves its ancient atmosphere while walking around the ancient port. You can enjoy swimming and sunbathing from its wooden piers or stairs. The possibility of floating on the sunken parts of the ancient harbor will make you feel like you are a part of history. As you enter the sea from the port, you will see a magnificent view of stone buildings and olive trees. Assos, which allows you to swim while enjoying the view, will also offer you the opportunity to taste new flavours. All the touristic facilities you might need are located in the port. There are many restaurants and cafes around the port and this area will be very lively in the evenings. In this way, you can eat delicious Aegean region dishes and enjoy the magnificent view. There are also souvenir shops around the port where you can buy small souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones from the area.

The entrance to the ancient city of Assos is from Behramkale, a village built on a hill and consisting only of stone houses. Since it is built on a hill, the views are quite impressive.

You will be in an area that is rich with both natural and cultural heritage in the ancient port of Assos, where history and peace come together.

Assos Ancient Harbour, which is one of the first places visited by tourist in this region, attracts a lot of attention with its naturalness and narrow streets. The Ancient Harbor in Assos offers you the opportunity to take a walk in a historical area during your holiday. The historical streets of this region, offers the opportunity to reach everywhere on foot and allows you to get away from the complexity of the busy and stressful life.

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