Behramkale Village

Located in the district of Ayvacik villages in Canakkale, Behramkale village is 13km away from Ayvacik town center. The village of Behramkale, which is home to the temple of Athena, is visited especially by people who are interested in philosophy. The village of Behramkale, where Aristotle lived for 3 years, is visited by thousands of people every year. Among the most beautiful aspects of the region is the fact that it has not undergone any changes over the years. As a protected area, it preserves its naturalness all these years.

The Temple of Athena which is located in the village of Behramkale, is known to be the first temple built in Anatolia. A part of this temple is exhibited in museums in different countries. The fact that it is exhibited in museums visited by millions of people every year, such as the Louvre and the Boston museum; this reflect the importance of this temple once again. In addition to this temple, which is dedicated to Zeus’s daughter Athena, there is also an Amphitheater in the Behramkale region, which used to host some concerts and events during Antiquity.

In addition to witnessing this historical texture and enjoying the natural beauty in Behramkale village, it is also possible to meet the local people selling souvenirs and return to your home with the memories of Assos. It is known that there are 150 households in the village and it has been safeguard as a protected area for 30 years. Due to this, the naturalness of the region is preserved and even after years later, you might encounter the same place that offers different beauties.

Places to Visit in Behramkale Village

Behramkale village is known for its many historical and natural beauties. The main attraction to be visited in this region can be listed as follows;

  1. Assos Ancient City
  2. Temple of Athena
  3. Acropolis
  4. Ancient Harbor
  5. Hudavendigar Mosque
  6. Hüdavendigar Bridge

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