Our Pet Policy

  • Pets are allowed in our stone room and in the hotel’s corner room.
  • Health certificate, vaccination paper, etc. showing the regular veterinary records of your pet are to be brought together by guest who will come with their pet during their stay. These documents shall be submitted to the hotel management upon the request of Assos Longevity Hotel. In case of lack of requested documents, pets will not be accepted into the premise.
  • A maximum of one pet up to 8kg (18 lbs) shall be accepted for each room with the daily charge of 150TL for each pet. There will be no charge for guide dogs (dogs who provide medical support / accompanying a visually and hearing impaired guests / providing emotional support).
  • An additional fee of 500TL will be imposed to the pet owner for a repairable damage in case of necessary extra cleaning and maintenance services from the hotel. In case of permanent damage, a fair compensation for the damage will be requested.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash, under control and within surveillance in the hotel general areas at all times.
  • A special section at the pier is provided for our guests who are traveling with their pets. Guests may benefit from this part of the pier with their pets upon their wish.
  • Pets can be brought in the open-air restaurant area, provided that their pets will not cause discomfort to the other guests. In case of a report, owner will be requested to kindly remove their pet from the area.
    Guide dogs (dogs who provide medical support / accompanying visually and hearing impaired guests / providing emotional support) are excluded from this scope.
  • All pet-owning guests are expected to be particularly sensitive to the necessary cleaning needs after the walk with the pets in and around the hotel general areas.
  • All pet-owning guests are directly responsible to all physical injuries suffered and caused by their pets. They are also responsible for all physical damage done to the premise by their pets.
  • All pet-owning guests shall agree that they will exempt Assos Longevity Hotel, owner of the property and all hotel affiliates from any personal harm, loss, damage and liability that may arise from or due to their pets.
  • In the event that pet-owning guest fails to comply with the above mentioned rules or if their pets behave in a way that causes disturbance to other guests, Assos Longevity Hotel may request the particular guest to leave the hotel in the name of preventing discomfort to the other guests.