Our story

We set out with the idea of removing the bridge between human and nature.

We believe in the idea of living together with nature in order to benefit from all the beauties that life has to offer. Due to this we value time, nature, production and sustainability. All of the our productions and consummated items are used and handled in a way that will not bring any harm to the nature.

At Longevity Hotel, we believe that we all have responsibilities towards nature. In our opinion everyone should take a part in environmental values; protecting, sustaining and improving our mother nature.

We wish to minimize our negative impact on natural resources and increase its positivity with you.

We want your holiday to be pure

On our 14 decares land, we raise our own chickens in their natural environment and meticulously collect their eggs for you.

We remove barriers between nature and you

As a part of the transformation, we will provide you with the opportunity to be involved in the process of harvesting our planted crops and if you wish, until serving it to the dinner table for consumption. Whether you are simply consuming the products which you can see grown right next to our hotel, or you can be part of this production and feel one with nature.

We care about all living things in nature

While you are offered a holiday which is in touch with nature, we do not forget about the nature, so all food leftovers in our hotel are delivered to street animals daily.

We actively take part in recycling

Our primary goal is to be an ecological hotel that gives the bare minimum impact on the environment.

In order to conserve the energy resources in our world while ensuring that they are consumed less, we use natural resources such as electricity and water economically. We also evaluate our wastes within the recycling framework and recovery principles in order to avoid causing any harm to the environment.